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Napo Chess for Mobile Phones and Tablets

Do you like chess? Napo Chess is an amazing 3D chess game for your tablet or smartphone.

Choose your favourite view, 2D or 3D. Featuring an advanced AI engine, Napo will bring you hours of fun.
Learn how to play chess or practice your strategies and improve your skills with this game.
You can challenge your friends (playing using your phone as a board) or improve your skill playing against the featured AI engine (with 10 levels of strength) and see your progress in the statistics table.

Napo Chess for Android

Napo Chess for Android phones and tablets is now available on Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Samsung Apps and SlideME.

Android app on Google Play Android app on Amazon Appstore Android app on SlideME Market

Napo Chess for bada

Napo Chess for Samsung Wave WVGA phones (S8500, S8530, S8600) is available on Samsung Apps. The game is fully compatible with bada 1.0, 1.2 and 2.0 versions.

Napo Chess for PC

If you wish (or dare), you can try the free Napo Chess for PC. There are versions for windows and linux.
It is not exactly the same thing cause the interface, for instance, is different but perhaps you'll enjoy it as well.
One more thing, the PC versions of Napo Chess are in Spanish. Soon they will support English as well (like their mobile little brothers do) but they support just Spanish for now.